Due to the current state of the art of VR device compatibility, we'll share the VR-ready versions of our public videos here.

Videos are fully compatible with all existing VR solutions. For VR180 videos, we use a side-by-side equirectancular projection—currently the de-facto established format—in h264 encoding.

Tested devices: HTC Vive, Oculus, Oculus Go, GearVR, and Windows Mixed Reality devices.

Files renamed to be fully compatible with Samsung VR player, you can simply play them there once you download them on your device.

All this material is copyrighted content, by either v-life or their respective owners. NOT to be redistributed by any means.

Name Format File Size Download Link
Mystic Caravan - Baby I wanna now VR180 650 Mb Link
Proof of concept VR commercial video VR180 390 Mb Link
VR Cooking lesson VR180 1.5 Gb Link
Lumbra Cali y el Dandee Zumba ® Fitness choreography VR360 500Mb Link